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Chairman's Vision

We at IVC are proud to be Asia's leading valve engineering company, and we are continually renewing our commitment to provide cutting-edge technology to the region and to the rest of the world.

Our business purpose is to serve our customers and the community as a whole. We will serve them with products that are innovative, better built and longer lasting than those offered by our competitors. Developing, manufacturing, and selling valves are the activities we engage in, in order to serve.

The IVC of the future will be larger and more complex than it is today. But the big difference between IVC today and the one in the vision will be the associates and how we interact. IVC will be more personal as a working environment because all associates will be serving one another in a way that creates a sense of community similar to the sense of family that existed when Mr. KKB first started the company.

We want our associates to look upon their work not as an occupation, but a vocation...not a necessary chore for making a living, but an opportunity for personal development and fulfillment. IVC associates will be viewed as unique individuals with dignity and intrinsic value, independent of the work they do. They will be united in a common cause, each contributing his or her indispensable work, well done, so that the individual efforts add up to a collective world-class result.

We do not exist to make a profit. This is not an end, but a means by which we can continue as a strong, independently-owned company.

- K K Bhattacharyya

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