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1952 Mr Kalyan K. Bhattacharyya joins Glenfield & Kennedy, Scotland
1966 Following the closure of Glenfield & Kennedy, India, Mr KKB starts the Indian Valve Company (IVC) in Calcutta
1972 A new factory set up in Western India at Nasik
1976 A new line of Butterfly Valves introduced in technical collaboration with J BLakeborough and Sons
1991 A new brand 'IVI' is launched
1997 Acquired Mastergear India for the manufacture of valve gearboxes
2005 - 2007 Exports to a US company for the Irag war rebuilding effort
2007 - 2010
  • Foreign technical collaboration for the manufacture of resilient seated gate valves and related products
  • Exports to Kuwait, Bahrain and England
  • Export to Kubota for a project in Uzbekistan involving ebonite lined / encapsulated disc butterfly and pump discharge valves

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