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IVC Electro Hydraulically Operated Valves



Pump discharge butterfly and stop Check Valve essentially a resilient seated, double eccentric butterfly valve with a large counter weight and lever to assist closure on pump trip, a double acting hydraulic cylinder operated by a hydraulic power pack comprising a servo pump, oil receiver, solenoid operated poppet valves, throttle valves, Pressure switch, direction control valves, limit switches and a host of other items (Custom built) besides, a PLC based field adjustable, SCADA compatiable control system with adequate means of safety. Besides pump flow regulation, in the event of pump trip, the valve can close within 5-10 seconds (first-90%) and the remainder within 20-60 seconds, following transients, timing locally adjustable.
IVC auto hydraulically closing valve - electro válvula automática




IVC auto hydraulically closing valve - electro válvula automática

Due to their metal seat and faces, Gate valves may be preferred vis-a-vis a resilient seated butterfly valve, for instance in a sewage treatment plant or mains leading out of a pumping station. In the event of power trip in the entire station, owing to their backup motive power these valves cam be programmed to close automatically. The power pack is similar to the one provide in the pump discgarge butterfly valve.

A battery of such valves (for instance all 5 valves in the filter bed) can be operated by one common power pack.

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