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IVC Knife Gate Valve (for Fluids, Slurries and Dry products)


  •  Sewage treatment plants
  •  Chemical & raw Material industries
  •  Food Industry
  •  Mining and allied industries

Knife Gate Valve | Válvula de guillotina Knife Gate Valve | Válvula de guillotina

válvula de guillotina
“When space is a limiting factor, the liquid has fibrous substance that can get lodged in the bottom cavity of a valve body, the hydraulic heads moderate, a Knife Gate Valve can do the job admirably.  However, exercise caution when choosing a knife gate valve over the time tested Gate Valve”



válvula de guillotina
    1. Max. fibre stress(f1)=  +-  3P/t² (k²-r²)
    2. Direct tensil stress(f2) =   Pr/ t
    3. Total combined stress =  (f1)+ (f2)
    4. K = polar radius of gyration
The minimum stress point in a knife gate valve is somewhere near the major axis between the two vulnarable section probably where the short and long side join. therefore provide as large a fillet radius as posible as stress here appreciably increses with diminishing radius. A square cornered chest would induce abnornally high stress . the reason why all pressure vessels are rounded with no sharp corner

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