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IVC Multi Door Non Return / Check Valve (600 - 1500 NB)

Before the heavy column of retarding water does the damage, IVC’s multidoor Recoil check valve acts on its own.  Durable & slam proof.  Only IVC offers multidoor design that embodies the outstanding non-slam closure characteristics, a design that is proven in over a hundred installations all over the country.These are ideally suited where frequent surges are expected. Almost little or no maintenance is called for in IVC multi door check valves. IVC multi door check valve with bypass
  IVC 1500mm multi door check valve with bypass
ivc non return check valve diagram

Standard – IS 5312 (Part II)
Pressure Rating – PN 6, PN 10, PN 16 (on request)
Optional - Choice of trim material and bypass arrangement

Size 600 700 750 800 900 1000 1200 1500
LOF 914 1000 1045 1118 1250 1396 1500 1981

       Check Valve Component   Material                    
1 Inlet shell   C.I / D.I /Cast Steel
2 Outlet shell C.I / D.I/Cast Steel
3 Diaphragm C.I / D.I /Cast  Steel
4 Door C.I / D.I /Cast Steel
5 Stub pin & nut St. St.
6 Diaphragm seat  ring  Bronze/St. St.
7 Door face Ring Bronze/St. St.
 NOTE: Consult us for larger sizes, higher pressures, special trim material for all Non Return Valves.

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