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Product Design
Continuous interaction with end users, consultants, operators and contractors involved in water supply, waste water/ sewage/ effluent treatment from different geographical location is instrumental in providing IVC's design team a thorough grasp of what is called for. Solid works 3D software and home grown algorithm driven program is used extensively to concieve, design and draw up new products and their variants and this is clearly reflected in the innovative design that makes IVC products good value for money. Ideas and suggestions from many different countries are also considered in order to obtain the most optimal product suitable for specific application or market.

High Quality Raw Materials
A close co-operation with and control of vendors supplying castings, billets, ingots, components and OEM items ensure they meet the stringent quality parameters. Periodic testing and registration of all incoming material and components is made to ensure reliability of supply.

The components are machined according to drawings with detailed control instructions.
Each operator is responsible for spot testing and completion of control papers are done by supervisors.
The measurement tools are calibrated by an external, independent agency according to fixed norms.

Machining of Valve Spindles / Shafts
The threads where applicable, are machined on CNC machines, shafts ground after turning which ensures smooth thread edges, ground shafts riding on steel backed teflon bearings and consequently low operating torques.

Blast Cleaning
Castings are blast cleaned to ensure that any unevenness in the surface of the castings is fully cleaned. This process ensures optimum adhesion of the coating.

Epoxy Coating
IVC valves are provided with epoxy coating according to DIN 30677. The casting is cleaned and preheated after which the epoxy is applied electrostatically in an enclosed booth, where the powder melts and cures on contact. The casting is then baked again to ensure adhesive strength. This along with a minimum layer thickness and impact resistance ensures optimum corrosion resistance. For the larger sizes liquid epoxy coating is provided.

Special Internal Lining
Depending upon the fluid to be handled, an appropriate lining* is provided. These could be ebonite, elastomer, enamel or glass which does the same work of expensive materials like 316L at a fraction of the cost.

* Available only on selected products

Product Testing
All valves are pressure tested before they leave the factory in accordance with EN 1074-2. This ensures 100% drop tight valves.

Final Inspection and Packing
Before dispatch the coating finish and conformity between product and item number is inspected. Each batch of valves are accompanied by test and warranty certificates. The valves are appropriately packed depending upon type, size and destination. All valves meant for exports are put inside suitable containers.

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